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Definition: An organizational affiliate of ANA-Michigan is a nursing association or health-related organization whose mission and purpose are in alignment with the mission and purpose of ANA-Michigan and have been granted organizational affiliate status by the ANA-Michigan Board of Directors.

Cost: Annual organizational affiliate membership is $500. Membership period is per calendar year.

Benefits for Organizational Affiliates:

  • Access to ANA-Michigan conference room meeting space for up to 20 people
  • Access to ANA-Michigan Legislative Action Center
  • Member discounts on tuition at participating “educational partner” institutions
  • One registered participant with voice but no vote at the ANA-Michigan annual membership assembly
  • Link to organization’s website on the ANA-Michigan website with recognition of organizational affiliate status
  • Collaboration opportunities with other state nurses’ associations and other nursing organizations
  • Access to professional development opportunities for affiliate’s members
  • 50% discount on exhibitor space and member rates at ANA-Michigan events
  • Access to receive ANA-Michigan e-newsletter and print publications, with the opportunity to submit articles and promote organizational affiliate communication in all ANA-Michigan communications

Organizational Affiliate's Responsibilities:

  • Sign agreement that holds current and future elected officials accountable
  • Provide a key contact person authorized to commit organization’s funds
  • Provide officers’ contact information and a list of members or individuals associated with organization or association
  • Inform ANA-Michigan office when new officers are elected, along with names and contact information
  • Submit timely reimbursements and dues payments to ANA-Michigan
  • Adhere to all deadlines (for submissions to newsletters and quarterly publications)

ANA Michigan's Responsibilities:

  • Follow ANA-Michigan’s Board approval process
  • Be timely and responsive to requests from organization’s official contact
  • Keep organizational affiliate leadership aware of:
    • Key contact person at ANA-Michigan from request services
    • Invoicing and collection of fees due
    • Deadlines for newsletter and quarterly publication submissions

download the organizational affiliate application here

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