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Here you can list the programs that are carried out in your association. It can attract new members to your association, as well as to convey information to interested people with this problem. You can put links or write some common words about your association's programs. For example we show you here some interesting courses from Wild Apricot membership academy.

Convert Event Guests into Paying Members

Events are a great way to attract non-member guests to your organization, but do you have a full strategy in place to convert them into paying members? If not, you're missing a huge opportunity! We’ve come up with a novel strategy that uses the existing functionality of Wild Apricot, to pursue nonmembers who register themselves as guests at your events.

Increase Members with Facebook Ads

How to leverage Facebook Ads to convert website visitors into paying members. DID YOU KNOW: Only 2-4% of your website visitors will convert to paying members on their first visit? Driving traffic to your organization’s website may be part of the problem, but here is an even BIGGER problem: converting the traffic into paying, loyal, engaged members.

Converting Volunteers From Joiners to Stayers

Watch this FREE webinar to learn: How to calculate your volunteer program's ROI so you can uncover its true value Designing a new onboarding process that helps you ramp-up your volunteer program’s retention rates Moving your volunteers up the “ladder of engagement” to get them fully engaged.

Raise More Money with Win-Win Sponsorships

Long term sponsors can make all the difference! Join Joe Waters and learn how to find the right sponsors for your organization.

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